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I already have my MVP and honestly I have no idea if people want it.

I am a... “1 man founder with an mvp, no marketing capital, no target niche, very little experience, no way to monetize until critical mass is reached”... should I just quit now or try & pray for a viral miracle??

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no you dont. you might have some sort of product, but its not an MVP. An MVP is a product with the least amount of features which still solves a problem. this problem is always one that occurs to a certain target audience (your user/customer). if you have build an MVP, than you know the problem, not other way around. and if you have a problem solution, than you have potentially people who are willing to pay for it.

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Make something people want.
Talk to Customers.

A) if it’s a great idea, people will pay you to use it. Go hustle and make some sales. If you’re not a sales-guy, bring in an equity partner who will “earn in” by making sales. If you can’t make sells, or are unwilling to give equity to somebody who can, then give up.
B) If your target audience isn’t giving you money for it, maybe it’s not a great idea in the first place., and you should give up.
Whatever the case, if you’re not making money quickly, it’s not a business.
Oh, and, never rely on hope as a strategy. The price of admission for the entrepreneur’s journey is action.

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May 7, 2020 at 11:05:25 PM

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