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A budding newbie asks if she should try Google Ads to grow business.

Hey guys! :) Hope you guys are staying safe during these unusual times! I'm thinking of using Adwords to help my business. Just wondering what your experience is with it so far? And did you face any challenges when using it?
- Tina (budding startup newbie)

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Be careful. Google ads are there to serve google's bottomline, not yours. Make sure there IS traffic before you buy anything to GROW that traffic. Nothing replaces hard work - if you don't have organic business Google or any ads won't help. It just bankrupts you.

Other points

I have had bad experience with google ads.

My experience is that I had a "budget" say $100/week. At the end of the month, my CC statement showed like $1500. I call customer rep and they said that once my budget was reached their algorithm would set a new budget! I was like WTF? Then there is no purpose for a budget if the limit increases every time the old budget is reached.

If you do go with Google ads, make sure you watch out for this. Maybe when the Google ad was set up there was an option to set the budget to increase? I don't remember it was a few years back.

Questions to ask yourself

does your prospect audience use Google to search for your product or service? Not sure use the Google keyword tool

once you determine if there is traffic, set a budget of $500 - $1000 and test out something very simple, either a call to action for call or form.
check the quality of the leads, optimize and adjust
$100 is nothing for a test budget, you might as well order take out with that money

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May 3, 2020 at 6:46:16 AM

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