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I want to build a company selling a clothing line, any tips

hey i’m 16 and i recently started a clothing brand any tips on getting sales? cause i’ve only gotten 1 sale and it i feel like my brand has potential

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Having a product in a unsaturated market does not mean it will sell. For example, I can sell black toilet paper. I am sure very few people is selling black toilet paper. I make my website and I have the best black toilet paper ever..what will happen? Zero sales, but yet everyone needs toilet paper , and the market is not saturated with black toilet paper.

Only way for me to sell that product is to see if anyone is searching for term “black toilet paper “. Which I did check , and no one is. The other way than is to do the ground work: create a demand. This includes ads, promotion , social influencers, marketing , Instagram accounts , maybe buy instagram accounts and market on those. Even than, I won’t generate enough what I want..

Focus on the demand , where that demand is. Maybe for you, an e-commerce is not appropriate. Maybe you need to hit the payment and go to doctor offices, clinics, massage therapy places etc.

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My first tip. To be successful on amazon, you need to switch your focus from selling products to selling search terms. Also, do your metrics and analytics to determine how competitive the market is, and what search terms you want to go after . Ex, teddy bear is likely a high volume search term, so to get on the 1st page , I am guessing you would need to sell and or giveaway 200-400 products to land on that page . Amazon is not like eBay. If amazon algorithm does not see you are getting hits, they will not push your listing up.

u/dogg247 is very right. The world has passed the "do you need something stage". It is the "do you know what I am organically searching" and "can you catch my eye for a split second off my screen" stage. Don't do anything unless you know the trick of doing it. You see people doing it like it's easy - but they have all paid their dues.

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May 10, 2020 at 10:34:02 PM

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