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Someone did what I was doing. Now what.

Someone did what I was doing.

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It's super depressing when that happens. It will continue to happen because the number of problems you are uniquely tuned to work on changes over time and more people enter those fields.

In reality, that shouldn't stop you from doing something. If a market is big enough, it'll support more than 1 company. What will matter most is how you get your customers, your point of differentiation, and whether or not your business is sustainable.

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Completely agree here. As a positive spin, particularly since you say this has happened more than once.. your ideas aren’t terrible.

If you have ideas and NOBODY has anything like it, alarm bells can ring. The fact that other people got there before you just means your ideas are valid and good. Just execute faster and back yourself next time.

One bit of advice, next time do not wait 3 years to do it.

Second bit of advice, do not be scared of competition. It's validation that there is a demand for your idea. Keep working on it and find a way to be different from your competitor.

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May 18, 2020 at 12:32:07 PM

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