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For people who started service businesses, were you able to bypass doing the work yourself from the start?

I've gotten some inspiration from some recent posts here and other related subs. I have an idea (pet sitting/waste removal) that I'd like to execute in the near future. One of my biggest challenges I see right now is fulfilling client appointments. I'm working full-time at the moment so the only availability I would have is on weeknights and weekends. I already have a very small list of people who are interested/willing to use my service once it's up and running but I don't know if I can handle 40+ hr work weeks and driving around at night to fulfill customer requests. Does anyone have experience hiring part - timers to do all the grunt work (in this case pet sitting/pet waste cleanup) before the business even officially launched? Thank you!

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The hard part isn't finding them, it's finding ones that are both competent enough to do it right and cheap enough to not lose your profit margins. This is why the vast majority of first-time entrepreneurs work 60-80 hours a week and laugh at stuff like

I don't know if I can handle 40+ hr work weeks and driving around at night to fulfill customer requests.

This is the gauntlet that sorts out the ones who make it from the ones who don't. And unless you have the disposable income to hire workers who will probably cost you more than they make you at first, you're going to have to run it.

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Just do it on weekends.

With just starting up and hiring other people would cost you too much.

Insurance for example, you hire someone and they are accused of stealing or the pet dies, even if it’s not their fault, that is your responsibility to fix.

Congratulations for making this far. For growth you need to think about providing value. You are in a niche - local pet owners Use the time to observe the pet owners and interact with them, and find out what is their pain and what is the value you can provide with perhaps better profit margin. Otherwise you will always be in the "pay bill" stage, but it is already a worthy start! Keep in mind this is only your way to observe the people, and pay is just bonus.

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July 18, 2020 at 5:20:34 AM

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