Does Elon Musk spend time on marketing?

I have a question, maybe it’s a stupid question, but anyway, you say sales is 90% of the work, but how is Elon Musk successful when he says that he spends most of his time on engineering? Is it because he has surrounded himself with people good with the other stuff?

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Very good question. Elon Does not tell you that he spend MORE time on marketing. He has a team that market for him now.
When you are a student, you are perhaps a straight A guy. Where did the B, C, D, F students go after high school? they went to rig the channel. Channel is rigged, not logical. That is why an A student has no advantage.
Brutal honest, straight to the point. No one will tell you this way.

For Tesla, Elon built a complete "direct sales" model in the US that bypasses the traditional dealership. Now that is marketing efforts.

Elon does not "get people" good at marketing. He "pays to get" people supreme with marketing.

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May 9, 2020, 5:11:57 PM

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