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Having trouble figuring out roles...

On the C-corp form, we have to fill out titles. My partner has literally been handling all the tech, and coding. I have been the business venture guy - setting out talking to people, developing new strategies, marketing. He thinks he should be CEO because he knows the tech. I know more business and marketing etc. how to handle a company in the proper manner and establish a proper strategy. I hate arguing with him cause he’s an awesome guy. What should we do?

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My business partner and I recently released our new company (BattleCrate) and we're in a very similar situation with the company structure. We're both programmers and we both built the platform, so we have that in common with you.

We simply haven't used titles like CEO/CTO - we refer to ourselves as Co-Founders, nothing else. Until your company gets to the size of 10+ people don't worry yourself with C-titles, it is a complete time sink anytime you think about it.

In our structure I handle more of the marketing and business administration and if it came down to it then I would claim to CEO title and he claim the CTO title, however you have to move past that at this stage - it is pointless worrying about such titles when you're early stage - finish your product/MVP and build your business into a global empire - then worry about titles.

We have even been completely open about it to each other, we may not take the CEO role, if we can bring someone into the company why knows more about business administration and can add a lot to the company then we would happily hand over the role and just remain majority share holders - don't get fixated on titles, get fixated on building the best business you can!

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In a startup theater, everyone wants to be addressed as His highness and Her Highness. Whereas everyone is lower than Cinderella. When you go see an investor, the investor would simply ask one question: did you quit your job.

Tech guy only knows tech, he does not know anything about business, hence wants to be CEO. It is a startup theater if the tech guy wants to be CEO.

Just call yourself Co Presidents. If you give money to the company coffee, whoever gave more has the first pick. If none of you have given money and has just contributed "talent" and "hustle", it is nothing important in the big scheme of things.

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July 23, 2020 at 3:57:33 PM

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