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Is "Mom test" a good idea to validate your idea?

Let's say you have a couple ideas for online marketplace platforms that you want to simultaneously validate before deciding to proceed with a single one. How would you validate ?

My first step would be asking friends, relatives, colleagues to see if my idea would make sense in the real world.

Feel free to add Idea Validation techniques and procedures. Landing pages, Facebook Ads, Reddit/Quora posts etc.

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Absolutely do not ask your friends, relatives, colleagues, unless they are you specific target market. If they're not exactly who will be paying for it, to the point where you expect them to pay you for it one day, then their feedback is worse than irrelevant.

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Came here to do say the same thing. The Mom Test is one of the best books I've read on idea validation. You definitely don't present your idea to friends for feedback because no one is going to tell you you have a bad idea. You identify people in your target market and ask them questions about their day-to-day challenges. If by the end of those conversations you think your product would solve a problem they have, you have a validated idea.

Agreed. Spin up a MVP (minimum viable product), validate it by getting people to pay for it, then build out more features and other product SKUs from there.

Also don't fall into the trap of trying to build the "perfect" product. You'll never get it right, or spend an inordinate amount of time for increasingly diminishing returns. Perfection is the enemy of progress in this situation.

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June 13, 2020 at 12:17:16 PM

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