What's the best route to go with when setting up a website?

I have zero coding experience, but I have a pretty good understanding of tech.

I'm starting an online course via an online platform (most likely Teachable) and want to create an independent website as well.

I've built basic websites using the templates from GoDaddy, but was told there are better options. I wanted to ensure I'm doing things right this time around. I have experience using wordpress and Google sites as well, although this was maintain and updating info, not building the site per se.

What is the best way to acquire my domain name?

Which is the best (& most economical & user friendly way to build a site?

How do I build in the SEO for the sites?

Do they come with email or is that an additional charge?

If there's any additional info you can offer, I'd greatly appreciate it!!

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The best route right now is to do it with WIX engine, either yourself or ask someone. The options include: finding a big company web designer (expensive and slow), finding a free lancer (unreliable), and finding a company from google search for a provider (the top listed ones are always the near scammers because they use ultra low price to lure you in and then give the job to some subcontractors in Asia).
If you want to learn it, it takes years of experience. If you find the right person, someone can do a website for you for two hours and 300 bucks and a good job.
Find videos on teensharks youtube channel on how to do a wix site and precautions.

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May 19, 2020, 12:57:42 PM

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