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An APP that charges user money for snoozing.

I am tired of not waking up early so I am looking for a strong motivation to get up early and money is the ultimate motivation for everyone.

So to be more productive I'm thinking of building this app, the money collected will be given to a charity that will help for primary education of students.

Is this idea even worth it ? Will anyone even install this application ??

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Good idea. Four companies are already doing it.

Here is the cost break down. If you can code and write the codes yourself, you will take about 1-3 months of full time work. It won't be easy because of the financial part. If you ask someone else to write it for you, it would be about 10,000 dollars. But the guy will be doing a really bad job and he/she will take your idea. He/she will also take your order and subcontract to someone who will subcontract to someone to write this. Eventually the poor guy in Bangladash talk to you through 3-4 layers of subcontracting and he won't finish it.

It is likely you have to give the codes away for free on App stores.

If you make the product in hard ware, here is the math.

Let's say you order 1000 unit from a factory, need a patent to protect yourself somewhat, and needs to put it into say Amazon store for sales. Your acquisition cost is 30 dollars a piece, your design fee is 2000 dollars, your patent application is 1000 dollars, and your website design fee is 600. You may want to price it at 60 on Amazon, and for every day you are on Amazon say you pay 100 dollars to keep your product ranked on top. The total cost of doing this to start is only 35000 dollars, and you may make 2000 dollars. You agree to stay on Amazon for 30 days and you split the revenue 50-50 with Amazon.

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July 4, 2020 at 12:29:42 AM

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