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Startups should avoid three mistakes when hiring.

A startup has limited resources and money. What are the veteran's rules of hiring?

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Number one, check two references. Do not ever TRUST YOUR INSTINCT. And be careful, sometimes reference givers give fake reviews. The bad ones will always say "my former boss is bad and he won't say anything good about me, but it is because he is bad", blah blah. If the reference say "he is good", hang up the phone. When something is wrong, the reference given will always say "he is good".
Number two, avoid argumentative people. Design your interview to check that. For example, tell him "maybe trump is not too bad by firing Fauci", and see his natural reaction, not pretended.
Number three, only hire the best, not the best you can get.

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May 14, 2020 at 12:38:35 PM

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