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What are the craziest strategy you pulled in digital marketing

What are the craziest strategy you pulled in digital marketing rather than just boosting targeted ads on social media?

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Back when facebook launched covers I offered 10 facebook pages to make them for me and in return they must promote my page. It stands at 597k followers today. All organic and virally grown.

Used Quora to find audience for a Vocabulary app and got it's first 10,000 downloads and eventually it stands at 710k downloads today

I've used several Facebook Groups / Slack Communities + Product Hunt for launches and have driven initial traffic and revenues

Used Unsplash to leverage 1M+ views there and eventually I plan to plug my instagram there.

Then more Quora stuff. I've gained over 2.2M views there and wrote one of the most upvoted answers with 43k upvotes. Helped an event related app get traffic, grew my own twitter account via an answer that helped me grow.

I think there's many more small victories like Pinterest and Instagram. I'm thinking to start a blog. plain and simple to just share these experiences. No courses or upsells or even an email list of my own. Just pure upfront value.

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We did something called Yield Management using a combination of chatbot + Human interventions to maximize visitor to lead conversion

Using a mix of Quora Spaces and answers to grow blog traffic.

Adding live chatbot to the blog to offer related contextual replies.

Taking over live automated chatbot manually to move visitor to the product page.

Persuading through a mix of faqs and testimonials

Getting prospect to purchase a product.

This was done for a new brand with zero online footprint and we managed to get revenues in five digits with the first 45 days. Purely organic with zero ad spends.

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July 11, 2020 at 4:04:00 PM

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