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It is amazing any sale happens ... what are the steps?

I was just thinking about all they barriers and places where a sale could "go south"...

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First of all the potential customer needs to find your website...

Next, they need to see that your product could potentially help them

Then they need to have confidence and some level of trust in your product, company and website. Is it affordable?

They want to try it, they enter their email address. Have they entered the correct email address?

We send them a welcome email...

Will it bounce? Is their inbox full, will their mail server accept the email? has it gone in their spam folder?

Ok, so they receive and *open* the email, they now need to download the software (*)....and install it....oh, it's PC only...I can't install it...I having a problem installing it...I downloaded it but can't find it... etc

It's installed!

Now they need to learn how to use it and have 10 days (free trial) to try it....

Will they remember to try it? Can they use it at all? Is it useful?

10 days pass....

Reminder email, trial expired.....

Did they find it useful enough to pay for it? Do they trust you with their credit card details? Can they afford it? Are they averse to "yet another subscription"?

They pay! a new customer...AMAZING!

One month passes...renewal time, are they still using it? Is it still useful? Can they still afford it? Is the card they registered still valid? can it renew successfully??

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May 20, 2020 at 10:16:40 PM

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