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what problems do you have that I can solve?

Since the best business ideas often come from solving a problem, it would be very helpful to hear about your everday problems or general frustrations.
Thx and stay save

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I don't like to take showers but I want to be clean. :-)

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You're getting nonsensical answers because it's kind of a nonsense question. I know it's the most basic thing that some book has said..... solve problems but all the basic problems are being solved have been solved we've got a million other problems that are too niche to be solved, or are just part of the hassle of doing business.

You've got to dig deep into a business to understand how it works and then have a vision to come up with new solutions that we don't even realize we need sport problems that we don't even realize we have. That's how you're successful.

unless you dig deep and I really in there and you really understand and feel the problems that we have, you aren't going to be the one to be able to solve them. You can't just fill an order from a list and expect it'll be an Elegant solution.

The key to get into the startup mind set is to identify 1 Whose love do you seek; 2. What value do you give them. Value means you give me what EXACTLY they need for nothing. Value is a strange word. Value means "extreme bargain", not "fair price".

Let me give you some examples:
For example, here is my list of problems/needs/wants/hidden desires what ever you call.
I want to go back in time to when I was your age.
I want to have fresh milk sent through faucets into my home, so when I click a button it dials between tap water and milk;
I want my salary to be twice as much and my problem is my boss does not appreciate me;
I don't like going to grocery store and spend all that money, I want price halved.
Ohm I some times lose track of my wallet and have to spend 30 seconds in agony finding them when I am about to get our of the door, so I really want my wallet to never lose.
I am kidding, but I hope you get it what it is. You never win by asking people what they need. If you give me a key tracker and leave it for free, I would throw into the garbage can the minute you leave. If you tell me you will get back to me in 2 days to check how this free thing go, I would pull a gun on you and ask you to leave. (again kidding just to get you to understand). I bet you would do the same thing.
Again, use dating analogy. Don't ask a girl what movie she likes to watch, what pizza flavor she likes, how many kids she likes to have and so on. Just buy a diamond and propose. If the answer is no, then move on.
It is a stupid analogy, but the only way to solve someone's problem is to provide the solution and wait for the verdict. Any pre-arranged interviews won't work. You need to know the art of walking in the dark.
I hope it clarify for you. I had the same question as you. After I lost a few times, you know there is no mystery. There is no light bulb moment. If you want your audience to love you enough to pay you some cash, then love them, really love them. Pick the people you want to love, and pour your heart out. Be you. That's it.

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May 13, 2020 at 6:38:28 PM

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