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I have banking and real estate experience and getting restless. What business can I start with my skill set?

I have 20 years of investment banking experience. What business can I start? 7 Years Investment Banking / Commercial Banking Experience all on the Credit Lending Side, 3 Years of Credit Consulting Experience helping Banking Institutions on nailing down target state processes for Loan Origination and implementing new Loan Origination Systems.

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With the financial and economical situation, a lot of people would be forced to look at options. Be careful with mid-career changes - most people in a "job" actually have no business experience - they were just a cog in a machine. Don't over estimate what you know, but you do know a lot of market information.

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I would just scale your real estate investing business. Go commercial and start flipping complexes. You likely already have the right contacts and resources to pool the money together. Buy low, fix a few things, raise the rents then sell for way higher or refinance and pull your money back out. I can only dream of already having a background like that to get started in REI. Let me know if you need a broke but dedicated partner. Good luck!

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May 2, 2020 at 11:55:13 PM

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