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How do I make a plan for growth? do I just improvise?

What is way to design the growth plan?

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To grow is critical. You must have designed and planned a business that has room to grow. If you are a local business, your ceiling is local. If you help a certain group of people, their population is ceiling. So it is important to have choosen a business that can grow. Once that is OK, you can grab any textbook and plot out growth strategies.

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The idea is then to survive and grow at all cost. Then transition the company over time to a very high 'ceiling' and attractive market. Then to create a sort of plan to grow the business in the most fundamental things. Product improvement, driving more eyes and driving more sales? Keep growing the company, and over time the business starts to take on opportunities as they come, and start to develop a strong sense of how to grow the business into a company that eventually scales large.

It's more of a first, get the marketing, sales, and product to keep improving at a rapid rate. Then it's looking at which opportunities to take to eventually be a dominant player. And then it's about trying to get a strong ROI at around the later stages.To summarize it has a sort of abstract way of growth and only when the company is more mature will it have more a more exacting fine tuned growth plan. In the beginning and middle stages, growth and taking on good opportunity is key. Mid to late stage it's starting to sculpt the clay so to speak, and coordinating growth in a more traditional big business sort of way

TLDR: at the start and mid stages just grow in whichever way, just stay alive and grow.

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May 3, 2020 at 6:00:54 AM

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