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When DO I Give Up? How Do I Try 100 Ideas At Once?

Early 20s, lost in life. Not beacuse a lack of ambition, or a lack of work ethic. I just have a ton of entrepreneurial ideas I want to try. They're all failing, but at what point do I give up on any of them? How do I pick which ideas to stick with and which ones to let go?

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Great question. Startup formally has five steps. Choosing. Design. Plan. Drive. Operate. Most people dive in on a hunch. (Me included). Your biggest point is to choose first. Then you know what is the only think you are attacking, and become comfortable focusing on a tiny niche first.

I am sure you are not lost. People spend 20-30 years learning how to choose. So please spend time on choosing, pick the biggest idea (normally the hardest), then go all in.

Other points

Take a step back and slow down first.

You mentioned that you are "lost in life".

I think it is best to think through what motivates you or what you want to achieve down the road.

What are the values you hold dear.

It is a good start to have a 100 ideas. But think through which one brings you closer to your goals.

The self discovery journey is not one that can be rushed at times.

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May 4, 2020 at 11:42:12 AM

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