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You need a mentor to help move the needle?

am an aspiring entrepreneur, learning from youtube, books, and r/Entrepreneur .

It feels like I've learned a lot over these past couple years, but I'm struggling to find a "next move". It'd be nice to have a real person I can approach for advice because most people in my life are no help when it comes to Entrepreneurship.

If you have a mentor, where did you find them?

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I haven’t used this myself, but heard very good stuff about it from a few people I know. SCORE mentor program. It’s free. personally vouch that SCORE is amazing for finding dedicated, knowledgeable mentors whose only aim is trying to help new entrepreneurs get on their feet. You might have to meet with a few to find the one that fits.

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I have 2 mentors.

Found one at hackathon and another at a small conference.

Noticed that these services are popping up:



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May 4, 2020 at 1:18:44 AM

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