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Should I go to San Francisco or should I stay in Chicago?

Where do you think is the best US city to start a business? An food delivery app based business not actual store. Will starting a business in SF really give me a head start cause of all the resources and VC’s available? Or can I still get the same account of resources in other cheaper cities such as Denver & Austin?

What cities do you think is a good option to start a company in? The company will be targeting different states but I’m looking for a good affordable city to have the main office in.

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In fact, you got it wrong on several fronts. Number 1, your food delivery service probably won't get VC support. VCs only support earth shaking events and revolutions, especially SF VCs. (My friend is a partner at KP). Number 2, you are not focusing enough for initial clients. You must be close to your clients. This said, California has very active minds but very expensive housing. Chicago and Atlanta are close to good schools and major airports.

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May 3, 2020 at 5:45:41 AM

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