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I'm curious to know why people start ventures.

I've never thought to myself, I want to become a CEO, I just saw a problem and created a solution, I thoroughly enjoy the process of making. from idea to launch, I love it all

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For me, it was a case of monetizing a skill set. I was in sales for a different marketing agency and didn't reap the rewards at all. I thought if I can sell then why not start on my own and get more of the pie.

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I love making but I also want to explore every aspect of it (design, sales, marketing...). Plus I prefer doing things my way even if it means making a ton of mistakes.

want to die without any regrets.Later I found out that Jeff Bezos gave a name for such thoughts which is Regret Minimization Framework. It all starts with a question: In X years, will I regret not doing this? . I never had a single boring moment as an entrepreneur. I get to meet new people on a daily basis, I am first to learn about the new trends [my friends who are employees in a company sounds very outdated]. Above all, it is the joy of seeing people accepting your thoughts and integrating it to their habits.

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June 5, 2020 at 1:51:37 PM

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