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Validation is "if people will buy" not "if people like". Why do some startups struggle with concept validation?

‘The mom test’ has been a bit of a revelation in terms of how to approach customer discovery effectively.

My question is why, when customer discovery is such a crucial element of building a startup, is it so commonly missed?

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People are afraid to talk to potential customers and also the thought of their idea being rejected. So they focus on building instead.

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Isn't adapting to that reality, and finding what market wants/needs actually are, better than failing in public?
Of course, but founders are easily so blinded by their own visions/ideas that they'd rather ignore what other thinks about them than to have their dreams crushed or changed.

Usually people will say things like, “It will sell itself,” which denotes either a lot of confidence in the product or more plausible, a lack of confidence in themselves.
In my experience, people skip the "Problem area" and jump straight into "Solution area". They fall in love with Solution, not the Problem. Happens on all levels from startups to corporations.

Because of this (blind) love, they ignore/afraid to run a proper problem validation, or simply lack skills to do so.

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June 13, 2020 at 11:59:29 AM

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