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Entrepreneurs, especially engineers, struggle hard to wrestle this thing called "market and sales". Why?

Before you say "this is nonsense", let me guess that you are an engineer or pretty close, right? please listen. I am an engineer as well. I worked with someone for many years who is now a sales process consultant. His screening process is pretty selective about who can and can''t learn to sell, because it takes a certain base mental attitude (a "thick skin" so to speak) that is intrinsic, not necessarily taught.

We went through his training at the company I'm with now. My partner and I both found it immensely interesting to understand the mechanics and process of selling, but we both also fall squarely into the "should not sell" category.

I would suggest that learning the principles and process of selling might be beneficial to most people, but actually trying to sell might be so discouraging for some folks that it would push them away from otherwise great startup or business ideas.

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Market and sales is human nature, it is psychology, animal instincts, and people protecting their turf and livelihood. It is not "good product engenders good benefits and good sales and happily thereafter".

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May 13, 2020 at 12:48:18 PM

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