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What is secret sauce of success?

Why do some brilliant people remain struggling for their whole life even after having opportunities to make outstanding success?

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All people struggle for something. But many people struggle in the wrong way for wrong goals, which they think are successes.

When one is given (one cannot find it out by oneself) to understand what the (true) success is, only then can one begin to fight for the right "thing" in the right way.

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Struggle for the right goal in the right way, even if it is hard.

REAL success takes two life times. The “mega success” like Obama, Musk, Jobs are rare.

Most people are destined to struggle - because our schools are meant to produce “average” workers.

Most of the struggling is against the schooling.

If you succeeded in understanding school’s limit and your limit (ie YOUR talent), then you can have a shot. It is called the mindset.

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August 10, 2021 at 9:27:06 PM

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