No investors bite. What's wrong? After years of wasting my time and realising it was all b***s***. Just build a business, f*** the investors.

I have tried for four years, learning all kinds of ways to write BP and sweet talk in the elevator. But no investors ever bite. What is wrong?

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There is nothing wrong. It is normal. My friend talked to 400 investors before landing one. A VC friend has so much money and yet he let his entrepreneurs share bunker beds in a rented room. He told me he sees 10000 cases before pulling trigger once, and that is to follow someone's lead investing.

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Yes, don't count on any helper along the startup ride. They are just snooping-around hitchhikers at best. Snobbish and stingy. They put their chips down only when your story is good and they can package your story for the next sucker investor.

Exactly, its all about selling to the bigger idiot. Swine, all of them. If they can easily make money by buying oil on the cheap or shortening a perfectly good company, they will not invest in your company. You need to have vision and build business. Navigate the uncertainty is like walking in the dark alone, confidently. Good luck.

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May 7, 2020, 12:27:12 PM

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