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Do you like "Lean Startups" or "the Right It?"

What do you think about Lean Startups vs The Right It?

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Yeah totally agree that out in the world is where you really learn stuff 👍

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The Right It It is an OK book. It tells the true with some face beautifying. 999 out of 1000 startups fail, not 1 out of 10. But that is OK. the author is an engineer and still thinks like an engineer. He is not very enlightened. All these books are useless. If you want to learn swim, jump into the pool. Stop reading books like "dry swmiiing", "the fith style", "your shirt is wet" and bullshits like that. they are good read IT YOU FIND THE SALES. Before it, it is useless. Most startup fail because they did not connect with human nature. They are forcing it.

A startup consists the following steps: learn to drive, practice driing, getting a license, drive and not killed, buy a car, plot a trip to India. Drive to india. Fund your entire trip while you drive. Get to india. Stay alive. Startup is a very complicated process. Every book covers a small facets of it. So all books are good, and they are all useless.

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May 12, 2020 at 2:18:39 PM

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