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What is business? good business to start?

When you startup a business, is it important to pick the business to start?

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Business in a nutshell is providing magic and charge for the wrapper. Magic means Unique Effects that no one else can achieve. When you startup, you want to build the magic and the relationship. Startup is not to fulfill your dream, but to PROVIDE A TOOL TO YOUR CUSTOMER so they can fulfill their dreams. Startup is not to build an MVP, but to provide magic - a value so compelling that people would pay to get in the line just to see the magic. A business never "makes money on a single item" - a business makes money by selling many things to compensate for the enormous cost of producing the magic. When you start, choose a fat and frequency business to start.

Startup is not to realize your dream, but to LISTEN TO OTHERS dreams and help them REALLY REALLY HELP THEM. Otherwise no one will pay.

You don't help people - you build a tool so PEOPLE can help themselves solve their problems. Just like you don't need anyone's help - no one likes to be helped, not even 90 yr old seniors.

Startup is not to HELP PEOPLE. Startup is the BUSINESS OF HELPING PEOPLE.

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A good business is a fat, frequent transaction, that your customers NATURALLY want, and the ceiling of growth is high.

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May 10, 2020 at 3:11:15 PM

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