I bootstrapped a company for four years and now I am tired ...

Decided to keep things short after writing a wall of text:

Had a lot of enthusiasm for an idea 4 years ago,

Had offers from investors that valued me at nearly a million only for the idea alone but refused them at the time and bootstrapped.

I spent nearly $30,000 in expenses alone to build the platform, without counting the time I spent on developing it.

By the time the platform was built, I had competitors that got ahead of me,

I don't think it's too late. With a few actions, the company can be very successful, but it needs someone or a team with a drive.

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The rest of the question: Now I'm tired. I personally don't like the idea anymore even though it still has a lot of potential.

Because I'm tired and sick of it, I want to sell the business and pursue something else.

I've been clinging on it for nearly 2 years hoping that people will come without me doing much to market and that's buried me a little and made me feel depressed.

I feel like many people are looking for a ready to go business that can be performed online so it's still a viable business that is fully set up.

Can anyone suggest where I can sell it? I was thinking eBay where I sold an app I built many years ago but I don't know if it's still a viable place to sell a business.

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Well, when you start it is important to get revenue and customer fast. Get out of the gate fast. Don't wait forever to perfect something. Validate. Even though you don't need a partner or money, those would have helped. However, if you don't have barrier, competitors with more money and experience will rush in. They probably got tipped by your VC.

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