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Startup Tube - Videos for Rapid Skill Gain

Go to Youtube and check out the TeenSharks Channel for complete updated videos.

01. The complete startup life cycle

The biggest problem a new startup entrepreneur faces is not knowing the complete process lifecycle - how long does it take, when to do what, etc.  Startup with the finish in mind is important. The ultimate reward is not just a company, not just a business, but a brand.

02. Why the ball is not rolling?

Top reasons why people are not rolling when trying to startup, and, once you know the reasons, you can start.  When the ball is not rolling, it is often because something is stuck in your head.

03. Designing a business for getting investment

Get ready before you need to start, or don't start if you are not ready at all.

04. The veteran's secrets

Veteran's secrets. (1) The first three years is just for failing. (2) Veterans know it is hard. (3) Veterans choose dna design the business.

05. The Startup Jargon Demystified

The startup and business jargon is explained here.