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Startup Pictures


Product market and target customer

The process for a process to gain access to market

A product must gain access to a market and then bought by a customer who is comparison shopping in a safe place. The market validate the quality and safety of the product.

TeenSharks steps to startup

Three Steps to Startup

A startup involves a personal journal, and the first start, which typically ends in failure. But this is the real first time learning.

Steps from an idea to a merchandise

Steps to turn an idea into a product innovation

What are the steps to turn an idea into an innovation? there are at least the following steps. The idea must be turned into a product, and the product must enter the market. In the market, the target audience will examine the artifact - if they buy, then the product becomes a merchandise.

Why startups fails for the first time

Startup failures - why they fail?

A first time entrepreneur always under estimate the difficulties. Each voyage is a ship with 2000 holes - each hole is only visible when the boat is in water.

Jack the entrepreneur needing motivation

Jack the entrepreneur is a creation of TeenSharks Startup School

Why is motivation important for entrepreneurship? because it is very hard.

Jack the Entrepreneur: deciding how much to sell idea

Jack the Entrepreneur: trying to decide how much to sell his idea

Is an idea worth any money? Jack the Entrepreneur is trying to decide.

Jack the Entrepreneur trying to pick hat

Jack the Entrepreneur deciding which hat to wear - CTO or CEO

An entrepreneur is a Jack of all trades - he must be able to build, sell, and manage.

Jack the entrepreneur building prototype

Jack The Entrepreneur: Jack trying to make a hardware prototype

Jack the Entrepreneur is trying to build a prototype of a hardware product.

The four facets of a product

A product has attributed, function and effects.

A product is not an object - it is a tool to realize value. A lot of people come up with ideas that are just attributes of a product, this is not sufficient. An object without effects won't sell.

Business is to give value, and get paid a bit

Business is to give your friends gifts and have them pay for your wrapping paper

The business is both about doing good and about getting paid. Eventually whether you become rich is not important, but your company and business must survive and live. Otherwise no one will work to help you.

The three realms of world: consumer, market, and industry

The world has 3 realms: end consumer, industry, and market.

The three realms are separated, difficult to penetrate. The industry further consists of supply chains made of companies.

The smiley curve - design, manufacturing and marketing

The world has 3 realms: design, marketing, and manufacturing

The three realms of the industry world consists of design, manufacturing, and marketing. For example, Apple is in design business, Foxconn is in manufacturing business, and Amazon is in sales.

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