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Collections of Online Resources and Links

Links to other sites and institutions.


Seven Parallel Consulting Company

"Make startup easy" webpage

Dr Chang Liu, technologist turned entrepreneur veteran

"Entrepreneurship is hard knock learning by building and failures"


Youtube Channel Rich Dad Poor Dad

"don't think small"

bad ideas and how to improve them

Service Core of Retired Executives [SCORE], a mentoring organization for new businesses. Attend once of their free introductory seminars, and you will meet a number of new business executives, as well as your instructor (who despite the name of the organization, may be actively working). Many of the students may directly require help with marketing or social media, and the instructor may be able to refer you to clients as well.

Toastmasters ( this organization is a very-well established organization that offers membership for a very low-cost to complete their certification processes, however you are not required to join to attend meetings. The focus of the organization is development of professional administration and communication skills - with a focus on public speaking.

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