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Four great side hustle ideas for practice or gig work

Wants to get a side hustle job that can be a hobby or a practice entrepreneur training? here are three suggestions with good links to how to do them.


July 10, 2020, 6:50:11 PM

Side hustle ideas that require little training and capital is good for anyone who is looking for jobs or trying to practice to get into the business mindset. Here are six great ideas:

1. Sell digital contents, packaging your advice, knowledge, or expertise into a sellable product.
2. Create a niche review website or ebook product, review something you enjoy and has expertise. For example, if there is a "tour Europe guide", you can still do a "Tour Spain" guide.
3. Teach English. Learning English from native speakers is a great trend.
4. Write an APP. You don't need a new idea. Find a good APP category and make a new entry with better features.

Basic script is to find something popular, and do a subset of it. Don't try to invent something on your own as "new" - the risk is big and the ramp time is long (2-3 years).

Here are detailed discussions for each.

1. Sell digital contents
Following the following steps:
1. Identify an area of expertise;
2. Build a website (e.g., using Wix) and package your materials and videos as sellable contents.

The area of expertise ideally can be anything. If you are a student of European History then you can make contents about European History.

2. Create a niche review website
Following these steps:
1. Find something you are passionate about and has a talent or inside knowledge, for example, fishing in one of the Great Lakes.
2. Write an above average (actually 3-5x better) review article on this topic.
3. Overtime, this will be picked up by Google or other search engines, and people will beat a path to your website.

Advice: balance niche and popular. If you are for too many people, the competition is huge. If you are for too few people, the chance people search for you is very small.

To be honest, it is not easy to draw traffic to any website today! the world is quite saturated but not saturated enough. There is a lot of good ways to find a niche and dive in. Eventually both the skills you learned and the reputation you obtained could help you grow business.

3. Teach English

Many international students want to learn English. In China for example, there are many peer-to-peer English instruction websites and they hire native speakers to have Zoom conversations with their students in China.

A list of websites that advertise for this kind of jobs are here. https://www.sevenparallel.com/post/english-teaching-jobs-in-china-curated-sources

4. Write an APP

App can be coded by individuals with programming skills in Javascript, Java or C. You don't need to tackle a new category of software that you are not sure if it will sell. To start, just find a category you have some experience in (it helps because you can be your own feedback source) and find a good category (say, hand writing practice, fish identification APP). Just write a new one to improve. Don't blatantly copy features, but there is nothing in patent law that does not allow competition.

Coding is the job of the future! coding skills will be as common as using Microsoft Word and PPT! it is related to designing, building and analyzing things in real world and in virtue world.

There are no lack of bootcamps for teaching code writing. https://track.appacademy.io/course/software-engineer-online

There are some interesting new ways to earn or save small amount of money by playing games:
Get paid to play mobile games – Mistplay (App store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mistplay.mistplay)
Start investing with $5 and earn passive income – Stash (http://www.stash.com)
Play scratch-offs and win cash on your phone – Lucktastic (Play APP store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lucktastic.scratch)
Take this Survey to get full-size samples and a chance to win $500 – Shopper’s Voice (look up search engine)
Try new games and apps and do other fun activities to earn – Boodle (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.veseystudios.veseyrewards)

Keep in mind that "free money" really does not exist, but it could be legit if you are helping companies with advertising and feedback.