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Klikdaily, an Indonisia B-2-B family grocery store supply chain supplier got funding

The company will use the new funds to invest further in technology. It plans to provide more data-driven insights and systems to help stakeholders – especially principles and merchants – improve their businesses in the fast-moving consumer goods space.


May 14, 2020 at 2:26:35 AM

Since 2018, Klikdaily focused its business to business-to-business model, positioning itself as a one-stop solution provider for traditional mom and pop stores in Indonesia. With its integrated supply chain management system, retailers can get various products from different brands at competitive prices.

The investment follows Klikdaily’s pre-series A raise last year, which also came from Global Founders, Pegasus Capital (formerly known as Fenox Venture Capital), FundedHere, and Teja Ventures.

Analysis: The store shows that opportunity to starting a good business is always there. Klikdaily likely took the opportunity of AI to sell the concept to investors. They are taking over some good business - distribution of grocery food in a extremely large and suitable market.

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