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TeenSharks Breaking News About Startup and Entrepreneurship
Every single promising startup that has raised seed funding in April

A breakdown of deals by industry tells something about the current times.
Agriculture 2
Artificial intelligence 11
APPs 6
Augmented reality 1
Automotive 2
Banking 1
Battery 1
Big data 3
Biotechnology 9
Blockchain 6
Brandmarketing 1
Building material 1
Chemical, clean energy, clean tech 3


May 14, 2020 at 3:44:27 AM

AcreTrader is an agricultural real estate investing platform that helps buyers to buy shares of farmland through online. $5M
Phytoponics designs and manufactures Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic growing systems for supply to commercial produce growers. $0.6M
Biobot Analytics is a wastewater epidemiology company that is transforming wastewater infrastructure into public health observatories. $6.7M
Software provider for data analytics and visualisation. $2.4M
AWS Lambda monitoring & debugging platform. Serverless observability & troubleshooting. Serverless monitoring. $2.1M
Hugo is a collaborative note-taking app focused on sharing meeting notes across teams within companies. $6.1M runs application servers close to users. $3.5M
Voice-based AI English tutor for kids $1M
Mobile Payments & Wallet App $1.5M
Wagonfly is an online shopping app that entails the information of the products. $0.5M
ecoworks uses industrial pre-fabrication, digital processes, and highly efficient energy systems. $5.5M
Ferrum Health is a developer of an enterprise IT and AI patient safety platform for health systems. $9M
Darmiyan is developing an AI-powered software platform for early detection, monitoring, and stratification of Alzheimer's disease $6M
Convosight is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform which allows Facebook community admins to manage their groups. $4M
Concertio is a premier provider of AI-powered performance optimization tools for the hardware and software markets. $4.2M
Amperon is a provider of smart meters to deliver real-time energy data forecasts. $2M
Lemonade style claims for every insurer $2.5M
The Search Engine for International Law $1.1M
Digital Commerce Intelligence is a AI-powered online market share data & competitive intelligence for Brands in Southeast Asia. $0.7M
SaaS for improving workforces mental health $0.6M
BullFrog AI is a developer of an artificial intelligence platform intended to help companies in clinical development. $0.2M
Connecting Companies with Skilled, Local freelancers using AI $0.1M
Intellecy produces a smart water system that empowers users to manage their water in realtime and protects against damaging water leaks. $0.1M is a cloud-based solution that gives online storytellers the opportunity to create, design, and deliver augmented-reality stories. $4M
SparkCharge manufactures and develops charging station for electric vehicles. $3.3M
AEV Robotics has built a modular vehicle system for cities. $2.5M
Bridge aims to provide a path towards upward financial mobility for the millions of people left behind by the traditional banking system. $0.9M
Disruptive, Revolutionary & Patented Electric Vehicle Fast Charing Technology $0.2M
Stamus Networks provides a custom network traffic analysis engine to enable security practitioners to find intrusions within their network. $1.5M
HonestDoor's tech uses big data, machine learning, and predictive analytics. $0.5M
Mobile App for recreational anglers $0.1M
CircaGene platform for personal genetic tests with total Privacy-Patented FHE encryption with actionable results for preventive healthcare. $0.2M
Rgenta Therapeutics is developing a pipeline of oral, small-molecule RNA-targeting medicines with an initial focus on oncology. $20M
FoRx Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing a new generation of cancer drugs focusing on novel DNA Replication Stress pathways. $10.8M
Drug development $7M
PIC Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on transforming the treatment of cancer. $5M
i2o Therapeutics is a biotech company that develops safe and effective oral formulations of therapies traditionally limited to injections. $4M
Cyanoguard AG is a chemical tech company specializing in the development of novel toxin detection methods for food safety and health care. $3.1M
Calviri provides cancer treatment products by combining the immunogenic source of neoantigens with a peptide array platform. $2.3M
Pulmobiotics is a pre-clinical life sciences company. $2.2M
Cadence is the leading fintech securitization platform for private credit. $4M
Protocol for bitcoin and crypto-backed loans on your terms, without middlemen. $2.5M
dForce is an Integrated Platform for Decentralized Finance Protocols. $1.5M
We use shared data, blockchain tech and IoT devices to resolve weather disputes in the construction industry. $0.2M
Big Couch is the ‘crewfunding’ platform that empowers filmmakers, connecting them with crews that invest in projects they believe in. $0.1M
Logisee platform connects worldwide providers and generating the best price for customers. $0.1M
An online events platform enabling companies to build authentic relationships with diverse candidates to improve the candidate experience. $0.6M
Solaire Box is develops optimized building solutions for solar energy production, self-consumption and electricity storage. $1.5M
Crafting Outstanding Games $1.2M
Porotech specializes in the development of Gallium Nitride material technology. $1.9M
The free-flame gas burner technology from QUEMPIN® is based on Porous Media combustion. $0.013M
Having access to accurate, hyper-local data about air pollution in your community, is the first step towards pollution-free cities. $1.1M
Quality Clouds help organizations configure and operate their SaaS platforms solving scalability, security and performance problems $1.2M
Cloosiv offers an order-ahead app for coffee shops, cafes and bakeries. $0.5M
Mighty Jaxx is an urban culture company developing digitally enabled collectibles and consumer products. $3.2M
Will Media is an online community aims to raise awareness of everyday facts and inspire change for a more sustainable world. $1.3M
PushFar is a world-leading mentoring and career progression platform, for both individuals and organisations to streamline mentoring. $0.3M
Oyster™ is a mission to remove the barriers to global employment. $4.2M
MindsDB is a free, open-source autoML framework to streamline the use of neural networks. $3M
Vela Games is an ambitious and independent development studio creating engaging co-operative multiplayer games that put players first. $3.1M
Aavenir is a software-as-a-service-based source-to-pay solutions provider. $2M
Camp K12 is provides an interactive online coding classes with LIVE teacher. $4M
Kitchens Centre offers turnkey solutions to cloud kitchens. $0.5M
Donna FMCG is an E-commerce start-up that sells plant-based products for skin and hair under the brand ‘Positive’. $0.2M is a new software company provides End-to-end tests in 1 line of code. $4M
Lilia is a home fertility startup that serves as a egg securing concierge for busy people who want the option of having kids later. $1.4M
Compliment is a healthcare technology company dedicated to simplifying consumer health, starting with a fully personalized vitamin pack. $0.8M
B2B SaaS Content Marketing Platform $3.1M
Hone is a next-generation platform for live online leadership and management training. $2.8M
RaRa Delivery is a e-commerce logistics company located in Selatan. $1.2M
Tailscale makes secure, private networks easy for teams of any scale. Built on WireGuard. $3M
Alooba is offers data assessments for companies to effectively and efficiency screen candidates. $1.1M
Stears is an intelligence company aiming to define a new standard for access to quality analysis and data in Africa. $0.6M
Frontity is a free and open source framework for building headless WordPress sites using React. $1.1M
Contento supports the online growth of small businesses and busy entrepreneurs through A.I. powered social media marketing software $0.5M
Pepper makes bras in AA to B cups with band sizes starting at 30 and going to 38 for small-chested women. $2M
Tropic is a buyer enablement platform that makes software purchasing easy and transparent. $2.1M
Turn the world into your #store. $1M
OnBuy is a UK online marketplace packed with great prices on millions of products from thousands of online retailers. $1.6M
Blueprint operates as a Whatsapp and SMS e-commerce platform. $1.2M
Toch is an interactive video shopping platform. $0.4M
Manabie is an Education Technology start-up company on a mission to provide a new style of online & offline merged learning. $4.8M
Learn In provides a comprehensive upskilling-as-a-service platform, which enables companies to offer employees sabbaticals. $3.5M
SPEAKLY is a powerful language learning tool. $1M
ClearFlame is decarbonizing heavy-duty engines, while also reducing operating costs, to protect the future from the challenge of diesel fuel $3M
Aprende Institute is the leading online education platform for vocational skills training in the US hispanic market and LATAM. $1.6M
Corporate Innovation Powerhouse of Asia - We help corporates and governments innovate faster through our corporate innovation platform $7M
Tigerhall is a knowledge-sharing platform. $2M
Teacher Booker is the online network of high-quality supply teachers and support staff. $0.8M
Data-driven interventions for Long Term Care $0.5M
Benepass is a fintech platform that provides benefits cards for startups and small and medium-sized businesses. $2.2M
Fincovi makes managing complex renewable energy SPVs and lending agreements easy. $0.6M
Valispace is a browser-based software that enables engineers to collaboratively develop satellites, rockets, and other complex hardware. $2.4M
Candidate.ID is a Talent Pipeline Software for the employers and agencies. $0.8M
Planetly is building the software to analyze, reduce and offset your carbon footprint. $5.7M
My Game Mate is an online multiplayer eSports platform. $0.2M
A powerful equity management platform helping companies manage cap tables, shareholder registers and employee shares, from startup to IPO. $1.5M
RentGuard is a secured technology platform that simplifies real estate booking & rental transaction by providing excellent Proptech system. $0.1M
XENO Investment Management uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help people. $0.2M
Sila is an early stage startup headquartered in Portland. The company’s core product is a suite of payments and financial technology APIs. $7.7M
Covered by SAGE is a modern insurance platform, pairing top talent with technology. $6M
Wise is embedding banking for the modern business. Wise envisions a world where modern businesses can bank, pay, and get paid. $5.7M
Tinvio is a communication and commerce platform that manages orders for merchants and suppliers. $5.5M
Cerebro Capital is a online platform to source and manage corporate credit facilities. $4.8M
Karbon Card is a financial platform for Indian entrepreneurs. $1M
Free financial planning in 5 minutes $0.8M
Wellpay is a platform that helps providers streamline and give a lot of context to patients around their billing. $3.8M
Community-based Personal Finance Platform $0.1M
Saas, Mobile App, Administration $0.2M
Vertical Future is a technology company focused on building a better, more sustainable urban food production and supply system. $1.3M
An online gaming company. Battle REAL robots, race REAL RC cars, play REAL pinball, fly REAL drones, & more - on the internet! $1.6M
Lightheart Entertainment is a new mobile game development studio based in Helsinki, Finland. $1.4M
ORBIT puts a gravity simulator at the heart of a puzzle game. $0.2M
We immerse distributed teams into the same VR workplace to maximize productivity. $1M
Tomorrow Health is developing the future of home-based care, starting with home medical equipment. $7.5M
Wellthy is a digital therapeutics company focused on improving patient health through the intersection of technology and clinical outcomes. $4M
Fittr creates customized workout plans based on fitness goal, equipment available, time available, and exercise style preferences. $2M
Equilibria sells CBD gels, oils and creams specifically for women. $2M
Cureety is a telemedicine startup that improves the follow-up and care of patients. $1.3M
An eProcurement SaaS Platform built for healthcare. $1.3M
Inkblot is a Canada’s top high-quality, secure and affordable video counselling service. $0.5M
Ingress Healthcare is changing the face of healthcare through digital tools and solutions. $0.3M
Flybotix develops a collision tolerant drone for in-structure and indoor inspection. $1.6M
env0 is the first self-service cloud management platform for infrastructure as code (IaC) architecture $3.3M
Tech Matters is a new nonprofit strategic technology services organization. $1.7M
A virtual world to connect friends. $11.6M
ClimateView is a global climate platform for pioneering cities and nations. $2.5M
Hwy Haul is an AI/ML powered digital freight platform that connects Shippers directly with Carriers by eliminating intermediary friction. $1.2M
The world’s most accurate image fusion technology for 3D visualization of air, land and sea. $0.025M
6nomads is a recruiting and technical assessment platform for remote tech companies. $0.2M
Blue Skies Space provides access to space science data from low-cost space missions. $0.1M
Remote take care of global payroll, benefits, compliance and taxes, so can focus on people. $11M
Syncari is a Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) platform. $5M
Adrenalead is an international Web Push Notification advertising agency. $1.1M
Wildanet is a UK-based wireless internet service provider $0.5M
Optimyze is a cloud computing company. $3M
Nuvocargo is a software-enabled freight forwarder and licensed US customs broker helping shippers move cargo between USA and Latin America. $5.3M
TrueNorth offers software that helps truckers manage insurance, fuel, and maintenance. $3M
LIZEE is a logistics and managed services solution. $1.1M
Product Innovation Platform $3.3M
WorkClout is a SaaS company that helps manufacturers increase their operational efficiency. $2.3M
Dianosic is a startup specializing in innovative solutions for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) conditions. $1.6M
MicrofluidX is tackling the problems of process control, scalability, and cost associated with cell bioprocessing $1.7M
Muze is a creative messaging app that expands how users can communicate. $5.1M
Liist is a bookmarking tool designed to save places. $0.4M
Cyolo provides ID access control to connect with cyberspace in a single SaaS solution. $4.2M
Spot & Tango is an innovative human grade dog food manufacturer born & raised in NYC. $4.2M
An intelligent and user friendly lone worker safety solution. $0.2M
Zeigo is a renewable energy industry. $1M
Record & share the best parts of your video calls $4M
Active Reliability for Modern DevOps Teams $2.3M
Compliance software for multi-location businesses. We make it simple and straightforward to keep your customers and staff safe $1.5M
Time tracking and project management tailored for construction companies. $0.3M
ZuBlu is the leading dive travel platform to search, compare and book scuba diving and underwater adventure travel in Asia. $1M

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