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Sixteen signs of emotionally intelligent people

Fifth signs of emotionally intelligent people


May 21, 2020 at 3:28:18 PM

Emotional intelligence is just a high level of intelligence. I personally don't believe that EQ and IQ are separate traits. If you find a partner or trying to get married, you want to find some who is not just smart but emotionally intelligent. Here are the signs that some one is.

People with emotional intelligence do the following:
1. They care about other people's feelings;
2. They show empathy;
3. They demonstrate humility;
4. They practice honesty and cling to truth;
5. They are authentic, not a facade;
6. They praise others
7. They provide feedback straight to the point;
8. They apologize and forgive;
9. They are tolerant of others' mistakes;
10. They tell good stories;
11. They know when to relax and is creative in relaxing;
12. They like diversity and do not monopolize truth and logic.
13. They don't hijack logic for some purposes. They practice big picture logic.
14. Emotionally intelligent people choose to care about you, not themselves.

At an even higher level of emotional intelligence is maturity. A person who is both mature and emotionally intelligent demonstrate the following.
15. They don't criticize easily because they know every story has a reason;
16. They keep their stories even if it is very difficult to keep.

When a baby is born, that is perhaps the ground zero of EQ development. A lot of it comes from brain structure, nurturing and experiences of growth. Generally, I find that people who are in business or who read a lot of books voluntarily when they are young tend to be emotionally intelligent. If you are partnered with someone with high EQ, consider yourself lucky, because other wise you will have to develop the EQ in them.

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