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Strategies and plans to make money online - A curated digest

Digital marketing is new form of marketing. Marketing is to bring a product to a market. Sales is convincing a buyer to purchase in the market. Marketing connects product maker and the potential buyer. It used to be done through stores, Amazon, and various platforms. Now anyone armed with a blog or social network account can help producers move their goods to their fan base. Think of traditional marketing as drilling oil, and digital marketing as fracking. Think of traditional marketing as digging gold mines. Digital marketing is California Gold Rush. Think of traditional marketing as sit down restaurant, the digital marketing is drive through fast food. People use digital contents as "bait" to attract crowds of niche kinds. There are also armies of coders and affiliates who makes network of "passive income side hustle" marketers. Basically, someone in this field needs to pick the right product to sell, build the right base of audience, and be dedicated. A solo digital marketer can be a side hustle job with supplemental income, it like entrepreneurship.


July 23, 2020 at 2:09:35 PM

One can make money online by selling services or products. Services including freelance work (such as on Fivrr). Products such as digital products (courses). It takes a long time to capture reward, so you must have a plan and long term execution strategy.

1. Be clear about what you do.
Focus/concentration no matter how hard, whether it is writing code, building APP or WebAPP, or building course material, or selling your service, you have strong competition and you are ALONE. Don't over estimate how much you can do. The minute you decide what to do, competitors starts to show up on your radar. No you did not make a wrong decision. The competitor was there before, and always.

2. Build your craft and reputation.
Whether you have to write an article, complete a programming task, or to sell something online, deliver what you have promised.

3. Build your portfolio
It is fun to make one Youtube viddo, it takes time to make 100 of them, each one with alluring thumb and over powering contents, so the impression rate and retention rates are high.

4. Choosing your monetization scheme to support yourself
It is one thing to have a hobby, it is another to support your own living through freelance work. The different models are listed in the later portion.

5. Run a website, SEO ranking lead generation strategy.
You want people to find you, you don't want to find people to harass. This is key. Even in the smallest niche market, you need to automate lead generation.

Services and product ideas online:
Providing Tutoring Services
Selling Items on eBay and Amazon
Selling Handicrafts
Doing programming
Graphic designing, video editing, photo editing
Article Writing
Freelance Journalism
Offering Customer Support Service
Managing Social Media
Affiliate Marketing

Digital marketing is the way of the future. Think about a cat lover in America and a cooking ware maker in Asia. The cooking ware maker has a bunch of pans with cat patterns that is over stocked. Now, a cat-loving influence in New York is connected with a digital marketing/affiliate marketing company so that the over stocked pans will be marketed to the influencer's fans. The produces sells products, the influencer and various parties involves makes commissions.

Digital marketing is the ultimate LONG TAIL SALES. It is more pervasive than Amazon's e store, because Amazon just has a store, but no salesmen. Now the digital marketers are the off site salesmen for stores and producers. They don't have to leave home and they can make money by marketing products to the desired people for impulse buys.

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