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Table of Contents
Relive the inventions, business battle and creations that define America and the industrial age.  See how PC software, wind shield wipers and credit card were invented by people with shear vision and drive.  Inventions and startups of the past is kept alive in this great book. Many details about invention and startup you can not find anywhere else is recorded here.  It is a great book to learn from past masters how to startup a business.  Such stories are always the same, never old.  To build new, you just need to repeat the old ways of entrepreneurship.
  1. Genius for innovation

    Part one path finders to the new civilization

    The heroes who got America going
    John Fitch first steamboat
    Robert Fulton successful steamboat services
    Oliver Evans high-pressure steam engine
    Harry Miller Shreve Freed the waterways
    The steamboat war liberating business
    Eli Whitney the cotton gin to the machine eight
    Samuel Slater dressing America
    Francis Cabot Lowell  Lowell girls
    Sam Colt a mass market
    Samuel Philly Reese Morse the telegraph
    Cyrus McCormick American big business
    Isaac Singer first successful American multinational
    Charles Goodyear vulcanized rubber
    Edwin Drake drilling for oil
    Levi Strauss Blue jeans
    Eliza Otis the safety elevator
    Lewis Tappan Credit rating
    Theodore Judah transcontinental railway

    Part two American takeoff

    Section one inventors
    Thomas Edison science of invention
    Leo Baekeland plastic
    Wilbur and Orville Wright wings
    Garrett Morgan gas mask
    Edwin Armstrong  modern radio
    Section 2 Democratizers

    Harry Ford the People's car
    Ford’s Lonelist Hour George Sheldon's patent
    Jordan Eastman the Kodak
    Sarah Walker self-made American businesswoman
    Amadeo Peter Gianni the peoples banker
    Martha Harper retail franchise network
    Raymond Pepe Ingram Smith chance
    Juan Terry Treppe jet age
    Theodore George Doriot venture capital

    Sections 3 empire builders
    Ida Rosenthal Maidenform bra
    Samuel Insull cheap electricity for all
    Philo Farnsworth television
    Walter Disney entertainment empire
    Jean Nidetch weight watcher clubs
    Thomas Watson IBM
    Thomas Watson Junior mainframe computers
    Estee Lauder cosmetic company
    Malcolm McLean  Containers, Luxury Travel
    Edwin Land Polaroid
    Rose Handler  Barbie

    Part III The digital age
    Gary Kildall, PC software
    Herbert Boyer and Robert Swanson Biotech industry
    Ted Turner CNN 24 hour news
    Joan Cooney Sesame Street
    Raymond Damadian MRI scanner
    Russell Simons marketing masters of hip-hop
    Pierre Omidyar eBay
    Larry page and Serge Brin Google


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