BP, BD, BM, VP, VC, Money, Cash, Marketing, what are they?

This page is best viewed on a computer.  It was intentional. Thank you.

At TeenSharks, we reinterpret the term Business.

We call business Value Relations (VR).

Business is relation.

Business is three steps:
Find people you want to love you.
Give them what they value.  You give them love and an object, called an ...


They give you money, and love.

You form a legal structure called a company.  You start a new relation called a business.

You earn a good living ... with people loving you for your unique offering and unique effects. And their low price compared to the effects.

Value Proposition is understand what value others value.

You give your customers protection (called bold leadership), you give them hope, and you let them grow at will - and they will pull out their worn credit card for you.

To people who just want to give you love, design a BM to get them to pay a big.  Design a BD to get a lot of people to come see if they should love you.

The number of your potential friends is ceiling.

Then you are loved.  Then you grow.  - The End.

In case ...

Your "house of relation" needs collaborators? show them your blue print, show the so called investors the BP.
After you build the relation, you want to stop others from going after your relation circle.  You build a barrier of entry.

If you run out of all options, get a VC to help.

You meet them in an elevator, and show them a stack ...

But it is your battle, your hustle.

And this is the essence of startup and entrepreneurship.