TeenSharks wants to take the mystery

of startup and entrepreneurship out.

Startup, creativity and entrepreneurship is shrouded by mystery, fantasy and misinformation.  It does not have to be.

What is entrepreneurship and the Plunge?  Entrepreneurship is solving problems, it is about freedom, it is making money, it is raising money, it is based on an idea, It is about validation of MVP.  it is about quitting your job, about finding partner.  It is about brilliance, hustle and significance. "What are the relation?" "Don't start a business that can not grow".

Built by veterans, we want to make your creative life click for good here.

Dr. Chang Liu is an accomplished engineering professor and then entrepreneur.  He earned his Ph.D. at Caltech and was professor of electrical engineering at the Uniniversity of Illinois and Northwestern University.  Dr. Liu quit his tenured faculty job and participated in starting in six companies.  He is author of four books and a Fellow of IEEE.  He is an earnest explorer and then teacher who wants to teach entrepreneurship with authority, clarity, straight point crux effectiveness. Mr. Liu wants everyone to enjoy life and work, and have successful entrepreneurship experience if they choose to.


Startup is hard, when you don't know it is hard.  Startup becomes much easier, when you know it is hard.  TeenSharks wants to make startup easy for everyone.  The web site is built by veterans who have personally directly done the startup process multiple times, to be your navigator, tour guide, and able assistance when ever you are stuck and have no one to ask.  Founding veterans have built high tech IPO companies, small product innovation outfits and local small businesses.  We not only have read all the books, I know how each book fit into a continuity of clarity understanding.  Enjoy our tours, question wall, quotes, Startup Bingo interactive games, and our books, the Startup 101, the Red Book of Startup.

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