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Job or Startup? Help me decide.

Once your skill is matched with good industry and market knowledge, and you know what audience to go after, you can start to think about happy startup.  However, starting up is like having a dog - you must be prepared and you must take the right steps to prepare.  Avoid struggling and struggling startup.  Otherwise, develop a skill or just do what is you can do now.  Choose carefully. Choose once.
You either target end consumers or business.  If you target business, make sure you know what industry are you joining.  You can not start something new.  Something new with no competition also has no buyer.

I have a building skill(code, stories, companies, or finished products)

I have a good confidant

Me and my confident knows an industry sector or a market really well.

I have some idea of my audience or customer

If you don't follow these advice

I know what industry I want to get in

Help me decide if the industry I choose is good

I know what business (value relation) I want to build

what is tough business to avoid

The main reason startups fail is bad choice and lack of money.  Money can cure all mistakes, but not the mistake of choice.

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